No that isn't a typo. You've read it right.

We bring this experience to you within the comforts of your home or workplace or anywhere that suits your convenience.

You can get measured, choose your fabrics, get fitted for trials and have your clothes delivered at your home, hassle free.

Customization is the key of bespoke.

We have countless patterns and numerous combinations of colors and styles.

We are equipped to cater to every wardrobe whim you may have. Our stylists are always at hand to offer your suggestions to go with your choices.

From basic to luxury, we have an extensive list of fabrics that you can choose from. Whether you're going for budget friendly or looking at splurging, we have a thread to match.

We source quality materials so that nothing gets in the way of providing you with the best.

We take your measurements keeping your form in mind.

We consider body type, proportions, height ratios, posture, and comfort so as to be able to help our tailors craft your clothing to precision, not a fold out of place.

We believe that the fit makes the outfit.

We at Elegant Fashion work as per specifications given to us by you with the quality of fabric you choose for yourself. Each and every product you order for is made as per what you desire.

Our tailors try to diligently ensure that everything stitched fits the customer like a glove.

But, in the case that you should need any alterations, rest assured that we arrange for the clothes to be picked up and the alterations marked on you at your place to guarantee the best fit possible.

A Wedding is not a one off event. We at Elegant believe that your wedding should be an experience of your lifetime. 

At Elegant Fashion, we can provide you with a dapper solution for every wedding woe. Whether you are the groom or the guest, our wedding collection will have you looking your best.

Ace your wedding in the clothes that embody your personal style and reflect the milestone in your life. Our team of experts help you pick whatever you may need for the D-Day (as well as those fun filled days following up to it). If you've got a particular look in mind, be it striped or classic tailored black, we will help you craft that. Gentlemen, it's time to get the look that suits you best for your big day!

When buying a suit to get married in, most traditionally commercial channels end up urging you to buy an expensive tuxedo or mortgage your house to afford the right suit. While implying that your perfect wedding suit should be absurdly expensive they're simply making money off your process. Our team at Elegant Fashion completely disagrees on this. We believe that there's a suit for every body type and budget.

From choosing and commissioning your bespoke suits to helping you match your pocket squares to the outfit of your significant half, we've got all your bases covered !

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Shirt fit

Shirt Fit

Shirt Fit

Whichever the type of your favourite short may be, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. Don't wear a loose shirt that tends to sag out from the area around your waist when tucked in. Read More... If your shoulders droop and your collar spreads out too widely at your neck then you're wearing the wrong shirt for your body type. These common mistakes defeat the purpose of shirt wearing. They end up making your torso look out of shape and your posture slouchy. Read Less...

Sharper Pants

How to wear sharper pants?

How to wear sharper pants?

Flapping bell bottoms and the 80s are a things of the past. Here are some points to keep in mind when buying trousers so that you ensure that the piece of clothing does justice to your outfit and adds finesse rather than make you look frumpy. Read More... Always buy pants that sit properly and comfortably on your waist and hip. Try different styles so you understand what you're most comfortable with. Always ensure that your pant leg is a little narrower from the knee down. Neither too tight nor too loose. It should sit on your shoes elegantly with one wrinkle. If you're aiming for a sleeker and sharper look then wear your pants till your ankle bone.

 Read Less...

Suit Fit 101

Suit fit 101

Suit fit 101

Most of us have gone through the circus of tailors, designers and ready-made showrooms in search of the perfect business suit. But there's always some or the other issue that we overlook so as to make do with the final product as the hassle has already been draining. Read More... We at Elegant Fashion first understand your needs and then suggest your the suit type corresponding to those very needs. Most tailors have standardised generic patterns which they simply stitch to your measurements. At Elegant Fashion, we take sets of measurements that ensure that the suit fits you perfectly. We also suggest the most appropriate fabric for the style you choose. All this, without compromising on the comfort or finesse of the look of the final product. As there is trial for each and every suit from the most initial stage, there's no margin of error.
 Read Less...

You can learn more about fabrics from our Stylist who will visit you once you book an appointment with us. He will show you swatch of fabrics as per your colour preference and blend
We produce all custom-made products in a tailor shop owned and operated by us in Mumbai. All personnel is employed by us and we therefore have full overview of working conditions, salaries, environmental conditions etc. As a consequence, we can guarantee that all production processes are carried out under fair and well-managed conditions.
We are currently buying fabrics from leading suppliers in India and China. All of our suppliers have agreed and signed our Code of Conduct.
The standard turnaround time required for a suit is 2-3 weeks from the order date. In case of trouser and shirt the the time required would be 1-2 weeks. The delivery time may vary a bit due to choice of material, and whether we need more information regarding your order, as we do a sanity check for all measurements and will contact you if any measurement looks unreasonable.
Do not worry, Elegant Fashion offers all customers a perfect fit guarantee. We are extremely proud of our high level of tailoring accuracy, but we are happy to tweak your suit and your profile for future orders to perfection. In order to tweak a suit effectively, our tailors should see you wearing the garment in order to identify the problem. Alterations usually take around one week to complete.
If something does not look right or does not work on our website we will be very grateful if you e-mail us and tell us about it. We are constantly improving and testing our website to make sure it works optimally, but if something slips through our tests we would really like to know about it. If you find a bug on our site, we would in addition be very happy if you could provide us with what operating system and version, internet browser and version and resolution you are using so we can correct the problem as soon as possible.
Elegant Fashion Corporate Service offers companies and organisations the opportunity to dress their employees and participants, both men and women, uniformly for events and fairs. We help you to choose from our large selection of fits and fabrics to create an outfit that best reflects your company.
We take measurements of those wearing the outfits at a convenient place decided by you. Upon delivery of the outfits, you have the option of having a tailor present to make any alterations should the need arise.
All of our bespoke suits are made from the finest Indian and Italian fabrics, and so you will find that they last very well. But these tips will help you to get the most out of your bespoke suit:
  • Make sure you take your suit to a specialist dry cleaning service, but dry clean your suit as infrequently as possible – the chemicals used in the cleaning process can eventually affect the integrity of the fabric.
  • Just because a suit needs pressing it doesn't necessarily mean that it needs dry cleaning. If you just need to remove wrinkles, have it professionally steam pressed. (Or to get much the same effect hang it in the shower with the door closed.)
  • You will find that your trousers are subject to far more everyday wear and tear than your jacket. Purchasing an extra pair of trousers could potentially double the life of your bespoke suit.
  • The simple but obvious solution – have more than one suit, rotating them so that you wear each one less. In any case your suit needs to be rested between wears in order to give the natural fibers time to rejuvenate and recover after wearing.
  • Don't carry bulky items in your pockets as they will alter the structure of the fabric.
  • Try to avoid wearing your jacket when traveling, and always hang your suit up wherever possible.
  • A good hangar is essential. Ideally it should be wood, but plastic will do. The hangar should simulate the contours of your body. Take the clothes you are going to wear the next day out of the wardrobe the night before to give them a good airing overnight.
  • To store a suit for an extended period, first be sure that it's clean (so that insects can't feed on any food particles or stains while the suit is stored). Use a canvas suit bag rather than a plastic one (because canvas can 'breathe') and include an anti-moth strip in the wardrobe.
  • Hang your trousers with inside seams touching – this will help to maintain the creases.
Of course. Every Elegant Suit item is made by hand; we don't use fabrication machines or pre-cut pieces, and every customer has their own pattern. This means that just about everything can be customized directly through our website, including; jacket slits, embroidery, pant styles, etc.!
Our experienced Master will take your measurements taking into consideration everything like your body line, height, weight and limb ratio. We use your measurements, your form and your posture to create a unique suit that will fit you correctly and highlight your best features perfectly. And finally starts the real construction work where we blend your personality and our styling to craft a coveted piece. At Elegant Fashion, we weave your ideas in every stitch. Post cutting the pattern, your trial piece is ready for you to try on. As the garment is at its semi stitched stage, it enables us to check it for fitting, fall and comfort before the completion. Our first trials are always scheduled at this stage so we can make any changes required, hence eliminating the need to tamper with the perfectly finished product.
The measurements that that are captured by our master, serve as the basis for creating your perfectly fitted garment. Once you have been measured, our tailoring team may make minor adjustments to your measurements based on the standards for someone your weight and height.
The process of creating a unique pattern and cutting from your chosen fabric then begins. As he works, our Master Tailor might then further refine your precise measurements based on his years of experience in hand-cutting suits for individual wearers. Before we ship the finished suit to you, we review it in detail to make sure that everything looks great, meets your specifications, and will fit you perfectly.
Yes, and for many people matching well-fitting suit will be the simplest option.
Elegant Fashion garments are 100% custom made specifically to your measurement profile; that's the essence of bespoke tailoring. The suits on the models were made specifically for them; that's why they look so good. And because your suit will be made specifically for you, there's no doubt about it looking good on you too.
There are three options for suits: off-the-rack, made-to-measure, and bespoke. Off-the-rack is exactly as it says: garments in a limited range of standard sizes, manufactured in factories and shipped to the retailer who will then hang a selection on a rack. When you choose off-the-rack, you'll be getting the lowest price – but you won't get the best fit, because there is no such body type as 'standard'. Off-the-rack inevitably involves compromise.
Made to measure has become increasingly popular despite the fact that it still uses pre-cut patterns that are adapted to fit you (inferior to bespoke). With made-to-measure involves you are indeed measured individually by a tailor; but the tailor then goes back to a factory or workshop and select pre-cut elements. So sleeve A is attached to jacket front B with lapel C…and so on.
With bespoke, the tailor's art lies in cutting your suit from a single piece of fabric, exactly to your measurements and with no use of pre-cut patterns. The result: the highest possible quality of manufacture and the best possible fit.
All our shirts are made from 100% premium quality cotton. The fabrics that we use are naturally easy-iron. We do not apply artificial finishes or use manmade fabrics.

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